Under-vine vegetation in vineyards

Background In vineyards, the under-vine area is managed to control vegetation growth and to reduce the competing effect of growing plants on vines and fruit development. Applied under-vine management methods are the application of herbicides, soil tillage or the...

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Impact of bunch zone shading in Riesling

Background and aim Photoselective shading is a process that modulates the radiation intensity in specific regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a common practice in horticulture to manipulate specific plant physiological responses, but to date has only...

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Grapevine Latent Bud Dormancy and Shoot Development

Grapevine development comprises different phenological stages from bud break to berry maturation which are mainly temperature and water dependent. Pre bud break, there is a crucial stage called dormancy which can be divided in two periods: endodormancy and...

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