Agricultural Commodity Approach wins silver at Western Cape Government Service Excellence Awards

by | May 30, 2024 | Articles

In a shining moment at the 2024 Western Cape Government Service Excellence Awards, the Agricultural Commodity Approach to Farm Enterprise development took centre stage, securing the prestigious silver award in the category of ‘Best Collaborative Programme/Project’. This recognition highlights the innovative synergy between the public and private sectors, underscoring the power of collaborative efforts in driving economic development.

The Commodity Approach, a dynamic group of private and public sector partners, has emerged as a beacon of success within South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP). Spearheaded by the Western Cape Government, this initiative has fostered partnerships with 11 commodity formations in the province, channelling funding from the National Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) into agricultural value chains.

At the heart of this approach lies the Commodity Project Allocation Committee (CPAC), a strategic body tasked with advising farmers and overseeing project implementation. Comprising industry representatives and WCDoA officials, the CPAC operates on a consensus basis, evaluating funding requests and ensuring alignment with governmental priorities. Through transparent communication and joint problem-solving, the CPAC facilitates the realisation of mixed commodity enterprises, driving sustainable growth across the agricultural sector.

Allan Winde (Western Cape Premier) Jerry Arries (Western Cape Department of Agriculture, Acting Chief Director: Agricultural Producer Support and Development), Mariette Kotze (Hortgro Group Operations Manager), Phil Bowes (South Africa Wine Industry Transformation Advisory), Wilton September (SATI Transformation Manager).

A recent report from independent research firm Phuhlisani Solutions underscored the efficacy of the commodity approach. It revealed a remarkable 83% success rate among land reform farmers supported by the WCDoA’s post-settlement support program. Minister Ivan Meyer attributed this success to quality extension services, training, and financial support, emphasising the pivotal role of partnerships with industry players.

Phil Bowes, manager of Industry Transformation Advisory at South Africa Wine, remarked, “The Commodity Approach represents a paradigm shift in economic development, fostering accountability across public and private spheres. We can unlock greater potential and drive sustained success by harnessing our organisations’ diverse skills and perspectives.”

“The commodity approach embodies a transformative model of leadership characterised by decentralised decision-making and empowerment. Like a constellation of interconnected and dynamic stars, this approach exemplifies the collective strength of collaborative networks in achieving shared objectives.”

Looking ahead, South Africa Wine’s Transformation and People Development Department is poised to deepen its collaboration with the CPAC process, aligning industry-funded resources with time-sensitive projects. As the Government Funding Applications for the 2025/26 financial year approaches, stakeholders stand ready to leverage the Commodity Approach as a catalyst for continued growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.

“The silver award bestowed upon the Agricultural Commodity Approach is a testament to the power of partnership and collective action in driving meaningful change,” Phil concluded.

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