Meet the team

Karin Kleinbooi

Executive Manager: Transformation and Development

In her capacity at South Africa Wine, Karin spearheads the inclusivity and diversity initiatives within the wine and brandy industry value chain. With a strategic emphasis on enterprise development, workforce empowerment, skills enhancement, and socio-economic progress, her division provides industry-wide guidance to ensure authentic inclusivity and diversity, advancing equity and representation. She excels in stakeholder management, programme oversight and management, policy advocacy, and strategy implementation, leveraging these skills to drive impactful change across the sector.

Natasha Lodewyk

Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, she offers comprehensive support to the Transformation & Development Division, People & Skills Development, and South Africa Wine Industry Professional Body (SAWIPB) and Industry Advisory programmes. Her role encompasses office management and coordination and ensuring our divisional administrative efficiency.

Brunhilda Brinkhuis

Coordinator: Enterprise Development

As the Enterprise Development Coordinator, Brunhilda ensures the efficient operation of the Suite of Enterprise Development Services offered by SA Wine, addressing any issues that arise. She liaises with new industry entrants, clearly conveying the rules and procedures required under the enterprise development framework. Brunhilda oversees the efficient implementation of wine promotion events. She assists enterprises with the necessary documentation and procedures, enhancing their chances of forming partnerships with the industry and securing funding. Additionally, she manages a Monitoring and Evaluation system for the division, ensuring that grant recipients are well-equipped to report their progress effectively.

Kachné Ross

Manager: People and Skills Development

Kachné is entrusted with propelling the educational trajectory of practitioners within the South African wine industry. Key initiatives within the People and Skills development program include the introduction of a cutting-edge cloud-based people management solution, the South Africa Wine Learner Management System that is about to revolutionize the workforce dynamics in the wine industry as well as the South African Wine Industry Professional Body (SAWIPB) aimed at elevating industry standards and recognition of professionals.

Eden-Marlaine Du Plessis

Officer: People and Skills Development

Eden-Marlaine holds the position of the People and Skills Development Officer at South Africa Wine. The portfolio call to action is to pave the way for an adaptive learning and development environment within the South African Wine Industry. Her role specifically focuses on the smooth integration of digitally tracking the industry talent pool and utilising this data to underpin the skills gaps within the industry. Through coordinated efforts, she ensures that these opportunities are effectively delivered and accessible to individuals seeking personal and professional growth within the South African wine industry.

Phil Bowes

Manager: Industry Transformation Advisory

Phil Bowes raises funds and manages agreements with banks, government agencies, and development organizations to ensure the effective implementation of development projects. He provides policy and strategic guidance to the South African wine industry and government, focusing on sustainable socio-economic transformation. Bowes’ work includes offering AgriBEE advice to wineries in areas such as ownership, enterprise and supplier development, management control, skills development, and socio-economic development.