Our Transformation & People Development department at South Africa Wine is dedicated to fostering equity, sustainability, and inclusivity within the wine industry.

Through allocating a significant portion of its levy income, the department supports enterprise development programmes tailored explicitly for black-owned winegrape producers and brand owners, aiming to create opportunities for their active participation throughout the wine value chain. As an industry transformation advisory, this division provides policy and strategic guidance to steer the South African wine industry towards sustainable socio-economic transformation.

Our people development strategy encourages a growing learning culture, a growing industry, and job security. It establishes a well-thought-through and supportive learning culture that contributes to productivity and creates an industry representative of South Africa’s demographics. Collaborating closely with industry partners, the People Development division addresses training needs. A core focus lies on people and skills development, encompassing initiatives to attract, retain, and empower talent.

Ultimately, the department endeavours to cultivate a more inclusive and sustainable wine industry where all stakeholders can thrive and contribute to its long-term success.