Learner Management System

Learner and learning management and reporting is now available and accessible via the industry LMS platform. The platform provides employers, learners/employees, providers and sponsors with central and coordinated access to execute people development, address industry skills gaps and generate related reports.

Learners/ employees/ employers:
All employees and learners must register on the industry LMS as a condition to participate in any industry learning activities. Learning needs could be recorded via the competence framework survey, tailored for each sub-sector, or by selecting specific learning programmes, licensing requirements and professional registration presented as a catalogue of suggested options on the system.

Learning Programmes:
Learning programmes and details of providers need to be registered on the LMS before it could be used as options to manage people development. Providers should contact the People Development Office to have their Learning Programmes listed on the platform.

Online Learning:
The Wine Industry People Development Strategy encourages the use of various modes of learning to develop our industry. The LMS offers Online Learning functionality to providers, which is made available on the LMS based on specific agreements with providers.


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