Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development Objectives

Our key objectives under enterprise development are to initiate activities and support programs that empower and uplift black wine businesses, black-owned brands, black wine farmers, farmworkers, and farmworker communities. We focus on the following pillars, in line with the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) guidelines: ownership, management and control, enterprise development, and socioeconomic development.

Key Pillars and Activities

1. Black-Owned Farm Support

Mentorship Programs:

  • Black-owned farm mentorship support
  • Independent mentorship vs. strategic partnership mentorship (business and technical)

Technical Assistance:

  • Technical/viticulture assistance
  • Business support for contracts and agreements
  • Financial record-keeping, accounting, analysis, and understanding
  • Corporate governance training

Funding Initiatives:

  • Grape cultivation – planting, growing, and harvesting
  • Winemaking, aging, and bottling

2. Black-Owned Enterprise Support

Mentorship Programs:

  • Developing company business plans
  • Preparing and lodging liquor licence documents for onsite and offsite consumption
  • Conducting trade name searches and registering trademarks in strategic markets under class 33 (Wine/Alcoholic beverages)

Business Development Support:

  • Offering business incubation and mentorship
  • Promoting sustainable business planning
  • Providing market readiness support (both international and local)
  • Investing in Black-Owned Brands (BOB) for brandy
  • Leveraging the Brandy Innovation Challenge and innovation ecosystem to identify and drive new black businesses

Funding Initiatives:

  • Supporting bottling, warehousing, and logistics
  • Facilitating retail market access, sales promotion, and e-commerce
  • Supporting wine tasting events, shows, and other consumption activities

3. Strategic Engagement and Advisory

  • Active engagement with the B-BBEE Charter Council
  • Advising industry players on the effective implementation of B-BBEE legislation

This comprehensive approach contributes to black-owned wine enterprises receiving the mentorship, technical assistance, business support, and contributive and supplementary funding necessary to thrive, aligning with our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the South African wine and brandy industry.