wine yeast

Choosing commercial yeasts

The two most important considerations for optimal fermentation are, firstly, the yeast(s) ability to ferment to dryness in the given conditions without becoming sluggish or stuck and within the time frame required for process optimisation, and secondly, the sensory...

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Bio-protection in the pre-fermentative stage of winemaking

Bio-protection in winemaking is no longer just a buzzword; it is a reality. Many winemakers worldwide have started experimenting with the available commercial products, and can testify to their success. Bio-protection is well-established in the food industry, with...

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Bioprotection in the early stages of fermentation

One of the alternatives to SO2 as an antimicrobial is the use of bioprotection yeasts, which colonise the medium preventing the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms. In this work, the bioprotective effect of a mixed inoculum formed by Torulaspora...

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