wine aroma

Blending with unripe grape wine

Abstract: In Mediterranean viticulture, climatic conditions are the main factors that determine grape composition and wine quality. Global warming is causing an increase in the accumulation of soluble solids in grapes, leading to early harvests that result in wines...

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Aromatic maturity and terroir expression in red wine

ABSTRACT: Harvesting grapes at adequate maturity is key to the production of high-quality red wines. Viticulturists, enologists, and winemakers define several types of maturity, including physiological maturity, technological maturity, phenolic maturity, and...

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Removing negative sulphur compounds from Shiraz

Australian researchers conducted a trial to evaluate five different remedial options available to winemakers for the removal of unwanted negative sulphur compounds. The five treatments comprised DAP addition during fermentation, macro-oxygenation with and without...

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