Sulphur free red wines through the use of grapevine-shoot extract

by | Nov 26, 2017 | South Africa Wine Scan

This is a follow-up study to determine the effectives of grapevine-shoot extract as an alternative to sulphur dioxide (SO2) to preserve wines.

Project layout:

Shiraz grapes were harvested and fermented to dryness in Ganimede fermenters. No SO2 was added at crushing. After completion of malolactic fermentation the wine was divided into three batches.

  • 50 mg/l SO2 addition
  • 50 mg/l total stilbene content Vineatrol addition (VIN-50)
  • 100 mg/l total stilbene content Vineatrol addition (VIN-100)

Wines were stabilised for eight weeks at 0°C, racked, filtered and bottled under synthetic closure.

Wines were stored at 16°C, relative humidity of 80% for 12 months.

Wines were chemically and sensorially analysed after 12 months.


  • The VIN wines had better colour and more stable colour pigments on analysis than the SOtreated wine.
  • The VIN-50 wine was similar in quality to the SO2 treated wine.
  • The VIN-100 wine scored lower on sensory analysis than the SO2 and VIN-50 wines.

Significance of the study:

The study showed that using a grapevine-shoot extract (Vineatrol) can be considered as an alternative preservative to SO2, allowing the production of low sulphur wines. The lower dose tested in this study (VIN-50) is recommended due to the negative sensory effect of the higher dose.


Image: Shutterstock

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