This department is dedicated to driving research, development, innovation and knowledge transfer in the South African wine industry. With a focus on advancing viticulture and oenology, the department plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainable growth, enhancing quality, and ensuring the long-term competitiveness of South African wines on both domestic and international fronts.

The department collaborates closely with various industry stakeholders, including wine producers, wine makers, researchers, and academic institutions. Its primary goal is to support the wine industry by funding research projects, providing technical expertise, and facilitating knowledge exchange to address critical challenges and unlock new opportunities in the industry.

The department allocates significant resources to fund research projects spanning various domains within viticulture and oenology. These projects focus on areas such as vineyard management, pest and disease control, grape and wine quality improvement, climate change adaptation, water efficiency and various other sustainable production practices. By investing in cutting-edge research, the department aims to equip the industry with the latest scientific knowledge and innovative techniques to enhance productivity, sustainability, and market competitiveness.

The success of this department lies in its ability to forge strong partnerships and promote collaboration among stakeholders. They actively supports the exchange of ideas, expertise, and knowledge transfer between researchers, producers, viticulturist and wine makers. They focus mainly on the transfer of factual knowledge, i.e. the results of South African as well as international scientific research. This collaborative network enhances the collective knowledge base and enables adoption of best practices and emerging trends, ultimately benefitting the entire industry.

It offers support for postgraduate studies in various relevant disciplines which empowers aspiring researchers and professionals to contribute to the advancement of the South African wine industry. Additionally, they collaborate with various wine industry organisations to create platforms for knowledge sharing and fostering a culture of ongoing learning.

The formal service level agreement with the Vinpro Group ensure world class technology transfer on both a technical, economic and business solution level to the 2487 producers, 524 wineries across 10 regions.