Mechanical pruning and soil fertilization with organic amendments in Shiraz vineyards

by | Oct 29, 2020 | South Africa Wine Scan


The effects of fully mechanized pruning systems on physiology, vigour and yield of grapevines have been studied for more than forty years and are an interesting way to reduce production costs. Organic amending of vineyard soil is a way to increase vine productivity. Thus, this study aimed to understand the effects of the interaction between these two practices, on vine growth and productivity.


  • Two trial fields were implemented on Shiraz vineyards in two different wine regions.
  • Mechanical hedge pruning was compared with hand spur pruning.
  • Four different organic amendments were tested: biochar; municipal solid waste compost; cattle manure; sewage sludge.


  • Mechanical pruning and organic amendments, by themselves, did not significantly increase yield. However, the interaction between both factors reduced the impact of self-regulation mechanisms (budburst, bud fruitfulness and cluster weight) in mechanical pruning and successfully increased yield, without decreasing vegetative growth.
  • The effects of mechanical pruning with the application of organic amendments to soil on yield is significant and, thereby, the choice of the organic amendment and its amount, must be done considering the destiny of produced grapes.


Botelho, M.; Cruz, A.; Ricardo-da-Silva, J.; de Castro, R.; Ribeiro, H. Mechanical Pruning and Soil Fertilization with Distinct Organic Amendments in Vineyards of Syrah: Effects on Vegetative and Reproductive Growth. Agronomy 202010, 1090.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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