Measuring of phenolic compounds during winemaking using a portable spectrometer

by | Feb 19, 2019 | South Africa Wine Scan

Despite recent advances, the measurement of phenolic compounds during the winemaking process still requires an analytical procedure that involves time, reagents, facilities and dedicated personnel. Due to this fact, the measurement of phenolics is almost absent or limited to a low number of frequencies in commercial cellars. A non-invasive fluorescence spectrometer could provide an efficient solution to measure phenolic composition during the winemaking process. The aim of the project would thus be to investigate the suitability of a fluorescence spectrometer for the quantification of phenolic parameters in wine. Fluorescence emission spectra will in this case be used to build prediction models for the quantification of phenolic composition during winemaking and ageing.

The quantification of phenolic compounds using fluorescence techniques has been widely acknowledged. The idea is to develop a special spectrometer that can facilitate the spectral collection from outside a fermenting tank, a pipe or a barrel. The generated spectra can thus be used to set up spectroscopy calibrations for some of the most relevant phenolic parameters. If models are successfully validated phenolic predictions could be obtained by just a single measurement through a window incorporated into the corresponding vessel. Phenolic data during the winemaking process (extraction during fermentation and ageing) will therefore by easily accessible for winemakers in the simplest, fastest and most efficient manner.

Image: Pixabay

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