We aim to support and empower our members within the grape production, winery, and wholesaler sectors. We prioritise fostering a conducive business environment through strategic initiatives such as value chain analysis and advocacy for favourable legislative and policy frameworks. Our primary goal is cultivating an atmosphere where the wine and brandy industry can thrive and foster investor confidence.

Key aspects of our approach include:

Engagement and advocacy: We engage proactively with stakeholders across all levels of government and organised agricultural businesses to ensure that the interests of our members are heard and understood.

Collaboration: We work closely with relevant bodies such as the Wine Certification Authority, National Treasury, Drinks Federation SA, Aware, Transnet, Freight forwarders, and suppliers along the wine-value chain to address challenges and seize opportunities collectively.

Member involvement: We actively consult with and seek input from our members on important issues to effectively manage business and reputational risks, including illicit trade, excise, and logistics.