Effect of temperature on grapevine phenology

by | Jun 28, 2021 | South Africa Wine Scan

Background & Aim:

The variability of grapevine phenological stages under climate change has been studied in many winegrowing regions, with many reporting an advancement of the major phenological stages, particularly flowering, veraison and harvest. This study aimed to compare these regional patterns to integrate our understanding of grapevine responses.


Average daily January–March (JFM) mean temperatures were correlated with day of year budburst (DBUD) and average daily springtime March–May (MAM) maximum temperatures were correlated with day of year flowering (DFLO), day of year veraison (DVER) and day of year harvest (DHAR) for 17 vineyards and showed an advancement of the associated phenological stage with increased temperature for each index.


There were significant differences between vineyard groups for the rate of advancement of DBUD, DVER and DHAR which suggests that the response of phenological stage to temperature is not linear and varies between cultivars. Only the interval between DBUD and DFLO showed a significant shortening as related to MAMMax, suggesting that the advancement of grape maturity as related to increasing springtime maximum temperature is largely due to the shortening of the DBUD to DFLO interval.

Significance of the study:

Understanding how climate change affects grapevines is critical in helping viticulturists and producers to predict the effects of climate change and in turn make informed decisions regarding improved management practices in a changing environment.

NOTE: This study aimed to analyse previously published data from different vineyards and different climates to compare trends for the major phenological stages between these vineyards, to determine whether there were differences in the rate of change of advancement of these phenological stages between the different vineyards. This was not an independent field trial.


Cameron, W., Petrie, P. R., Barlow, E., Howell, K., Jarvis, C., & Fuentes, S. (2021). A comparison of the effect of temperature on grapevine phenology between vineyards. OENO One55(2), 301–320.

Link to article: https://doi.org/10.20870/oeno-one.2021.55.2.4599

Image credit: www.favpng.com

This abstract is republished in its original form, with Significance of Study paragraph and headings inserted, as permitted by the following Creative Commons licence: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

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