Can we detect the damage of a heatwave on vineyards using remote sensing data?

by | Mar 29, 2022 | South Africa Wine Scan


This study aimed to address the feasibility of using Sentinel-2 optical remote sensing data to map heatwave consequences on vineyards.

Background & Methods

Climate change will exacerbate environmental threats, which will, in turn, affect agricultural production patterns. The proposed method to map damaged and undamaged vineyards is based on the use of an inter-annual (C1) and an intra-annual (C2) criterion derived from the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) calculated on S2 data. While the inter-annual criterion compares the NDVI of the heatwave year to the average NDVI of the previous years with no heatwave, the intra-annual criterion compares the NDVI values before and after the heatwave in the same year. Predictions from either criteria or both combined were tested against two datasets collected during two field surveys performed in 2020 and 2021, with different ways of recording the damage caused on the grapevine by the 2019 heatwave in south eastern France.


Results showed that within the reference vineyard plots with heat damage, 46 %, 62 % and 40 % of the S2 pixels were correctly predicted as damaged using C1, C2 and their combination, respectively. Within undamaged plots, 91 %, 88 % and 99 % of the S2 pixels were correctly predicted as undamaged using C1, C2 and the combination, respectively. Results also showed that only severe leaf damage was detected using the S2 NDVI. The combination of C1 and C2 provides the most accurate detection of heatwave consequences on vineyards.

Significance of the study

Precision agriculture and use of technology in agriculture is becoming more prevalent. It is important to test the potential applications and accuracy of different technologies before it can be applied in practice.


Reference: Pantaleoni Reluy, N., Baghdadi, N. ., Simonneau, T., Bazzi, H., El Hajj, M., Pret, V. ., Amin, G., & Daret , E. (2022). Can we detect the damage of a heatwave on vineyards using Sentinel-2 optical remote sensing data?. OENO One56(1), 145–159.

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