Lucinda Heyns

Regrafting and curettage of vines to control Esca

Grapevine trunk disease greatly affects grapevines in terms of yield and productivity.  Researchers investigated the effect of using curettage and regrafting as alternative solutions for managing Esca in existing vineyards instead of replacing infected and...

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Q & A: Grapevine pruning wound protection

Grapevine trunk diseases (GTD) drastically reduce the economic lifespan of a vineyard. This Q & A highlights the causes of GTD and how to better control GTDs by effectively managing pruning wounds.   Download English version Download Afrikaans...

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Q & A: Stok-by-paaltjie (echalas) opleistelsel

Stok-by-paaltjie, wat ook bekend staan as ‘echalas’, word veral gebruik in die wynproduserende streke van Côte-Rôtie (Rhone) in Frankryk, Priorat in Spanje en Mösel in Duitsland. Hierdie bladskrif bevat inligting rondom hierdie oplei metode.   Download...

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Management of grapevines during drought periods

This document highlights a few practical guidelines for managing vineyards during drought conditions. Always bear in mind that these are merely guidelines and vineyard practices should be tailored to the specific area, climate, soil type and wine goal. Download...

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