Karien O'Kennedy

Choosing commercial yeasts

The two most important considerations for optimal fermentation are, firstly, the yeast(s) ability to ferment to dryness in the given conditions without becoming sluggish or stuck and within the time frame required for process optimisation, and secondly, the sensory...

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The Shiraz Times November 2023

On 8 November 2023, Shiraz SA held their 16th annual technical seminar. During this event, the first edition of the Shiraz Times magazine was launched. The magazine is a South Africa Wine publication compiled for Shiraz SA to support the cultivar association in...

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The effect of Botrytis infection on red wine colour

Botrytis cinerea infection of grapes can cause various problems in winemaking. One of these problems is the loss of the red wine colour. This can be attributed to the laccase enzyme secreted by the fungus into the grapes, which is then present in the grape juice...

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The antimicrobial effects of chitosan

Introduction: The production of wine involves a complex process that includes the growth of yeast and bacteria, which are responsible for the fermentation of grape juice into wine. However, the growth of these microorganisms can also lead to spoilage and other...

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