About South Africa Wine

South Africa Wine is pivotal in empowering and advancing the wine and brandy industry value chain through its focused efforts across four key areas: Industry Affairs, Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), Transformation and People Development and a Consumer and Market focus.

Within Industry Affairs, the organisation excels in advocacy, effectively navigating regulatory landscapes, and fostering positive media and communication channels. Through these endeavours, South Africa Wine ensures the industry’s voice is heard, facilitates collaboration, and champions policies that promote sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) spearheads initiatives to enhance product quality, sustainability practices, and market competitiveness. By investing in research and fostering innovation, South Africa Wine ensures the industry remains at the forefront of advancements and continually evolves to meet consumer demands.

Furthermore, South Africa Wine is committed to Transformation and People Development, prioritising diversity, equity, and inclusion within the industry, investing in programmes empowering individuals, nurturing talent, and fostering leadership.

South Africa Wine also focuses on the consumer and market, meticulously monitoring trends, understanding consumer preferences, and driving initiatives that bolster exports, promote tourism, and ensure adaptability to evolving market dynamics. Through these concerted efforts across its four focus areas, South Africa Wine is pivotal in enabling a vibrant and sustainable wine and brandy industry.

Board Members

Ronald Ramabulana (Chairman)
Khumbuzile Mosoma (NAMC Observer)
Wessel de Wet
Izak (Sakkie) du Toit
Rydal Jeftha
Vivian Kleynhans
Boyce Lloyd
Mohseen Moosa
James Reid
Phillip Retief
Anton Smuts
Antoinette Vermooten
Rico Basson (Executive Director)

South Africa Wine NPC Organisation Structure

  • SA Wine NPC
    • CEO
      • Communications & Brand Manager
        • Admin & Database Coordinator C
          • Advertising Manager
            • Communications Officer
              • Editorial Coordinator
                • Journalist
                  • Journalist / Online Editor
      • Stakeholder & Policy Manager
        • Tourism Manager
      • Transformation & Development Executive
        • Transformation & Development PA/Admin Assistant
          • Industry Transformation Advisory Manager
            • People & Skills Development Team (2 people)
              • Enterprise & Supplier Development Team (2 people)
                • The WineArc Team (4 people)
      • Research, Development & Innovation Executive
        • RD&I PA/Admin Assistant
          • RD&I Manager: Viticulture
            • RD&I Manager: Oenology
              • Knowledge Transfer Manager: Oenology
      • Brandy Executive
      • Info & Business Intelligence (SAWIS)
      • Finance (SAWIS)
      • WoSA Executive B